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Light Peach Wall Decor Feather & Shell - Deco Wall hanging JUJU HATS


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This Handmade Boho Feather Round Deco Juju hat or feather headdress for wall decoration, living room wall as well as office wall hangings. Feathers are handstitched individually, using ancient three stone fireside traditional methods, a true reflection of the rawness that represents the magnificent African wild. 

Meticulously handmade by my Balinese Artisans using this traditionally worn by royal dancers during important ceremonies held by tribal chiefs. These breathtaking works of art transform into stunning wall hangings that bring texture and personality to any space. Made with chicken feathers in a warm white, make a statement in your home.

Features & details

Dimensions available are  14 - 22 &  26 inches 

Colours available are White - Light Pink - Light Blue - Peach