About Casa Chic

Casa Chic Inc. is a family business created by Paola Jameson, Interior Designer Originally from Argentina, with lots of passion for quality handmade furniture & homewares. 

Our Rattan Designs, is all ethically made by families abroad and their use the most sustentable eco friendly materials. We promote fair trade, by doing that we support local farmers in small communities, respecting their ethics & values.

In addition we also import French Country Style Furniture & we just add the New Mid Century Modern.

Married to Canadian husband Sean and lived in Milton, Ontario with her 2 dauthers Mila and Sienna, Paola runs her own business and organized to be loved wife and mom.

Our mission at Casa Chic is to bring to your home some of the most beautiful pieces from the best craftsman around the globe, we hope you can find something special that speaks to you !


Thanks for stopping by, Paola !