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Our Mission

At Casa Chic, We create beautiful and charming spaces for people that like to live with style. We believe every home is unique, that is why we come to you with affordable, authentic & responsible products.

Our Search


Starting will be Part time 2-3 Days at week, 

We are looking for someone with a passion for home decor and social media, 

Your responsibilities will include, but are not limited to: 

  • Generating, editing, publishing and sharing daily content (original text, images, and/or video) that builds meaningful connections and encourages community members to take action
  • Growing and expanding company social media presence into new social media platforms, plus increases presence on existing platforms
  • Instagram & Pinterest PRO 
  • Developing an email campaign strategy and tactics to deliver persuasive messaging
  • Ensuring brand consistency in marketing and social media messages
  • Styling/ decorating for photoshoots 
  • Photographing interiors for social media and email marketing 
  • Photo editing *if Applicable
  • Help to Unpacking new items
  • Make Orders Online & in Person
  • Customer Service with Clients
  • Digital Marketing Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, 
  • Student of Interior Designer is a Pro 

If you are someone who…

  • Cares deeply about the customer experience, in-person and/or virtually
  • Excels in organization, time management, and has excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Has analytical abilities and aptitude in problem-solving
  • Can take photos using your phone or profesional Camera
  • Has basic knowledge of Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop 
  • Has experience in email marketing
  • Has a valid driver's license and a vehicle to be used for work …we can’t wait to meet you!

If you love our Instagram, shop and overall brand, and would love to be part of our growing team please submit your resume and cover letter below. Examples of previous social media work and/ or photography would be appreciated. There will be a first round of phone interviews and then a one-on-one interview, if applicable. 

We're seeking out new ways to inspire our clients, whether it's creating in-store installations, sharing styling tips, discovering hand-crafted treasures from far-flung places. We bring our product to life in our customers' homes and we work hard to make their self expression easy.

We are a New Brand with lot of Exciting Strategy to growth in the business, WE value imagination, diversity, & actitud, and we would like to have people that grow and shape our future. Please give us some feedback here, send us email to