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When some hear wicker furniture, they think about a certain old or vintage furniture style. While this is not necessarily incorrect, the “wicker” in wicker furniture describes the weaving process itself. Wicker is a term for making products woven from pliable plant materials. It is light, yet sturdy, which makes it suitable for items that will be moved often like porch and patio furniture.

When it comes to wicker furniture, rattan is what most wicker furniture is made from and is referred to as a style of wicker furniture.

Rattan Furniture

The rattan furniture style is becoming increasingly popular. It is a natural material made from the abaca strands of a climbing or vine-like palm tree that typically grows in tropical areas. Rattan is extremely hard wearing and resistant to the elements and moisture fluctuations. Rattan has been used to create all kinds of furniture. Furniture pieces made from rattan can give you a modern yet contemporary design, or they can be used to enhance design elements.

Rattan chairs are very popular and are usually styled with bistro tables to complete a more Parisian look. Rattan bistro chairs can be seen all over New York City and other major cities across Europe. They are ideal for use at home, bars, cafes or restaurants. The classic woven texture can be easily recognized, giving a refined yet trendy look in your own dining room, office or your patio. Because of its popularity and classic yet recognizable style, you can find plenty of them in stock and in all different kinds of weaves.

When it comes to selecting rattan furniture, the possibilities are truly endless. Rattan chairs come in a lot of different neutral colour combinations. You can find anything from a burgundy and ivory chair to a black and white one. Picking the right rattan chair for your needs depends on what statement you want to make.

You should consider where you will be placing your chairs. These are some good questions you can ask yourself before you make your decision:

  • Will they be used as office chairs?
  • Are you aiming to convey a traditional style?
  • Do you prefer a more modern design?

Rattan can even be used for a shabby chic office setting. If you want to use rattan outdoors, remember that they do well outside, but they should not be exposed to sunlight for a long time because it can damage the material, thus impacting the overall look.

You should also think about what level of comfort you are looking for. If you want more room than the traditional bistro chair, you can opt for a wider rattan armchair that will allow you to sit more comfortably. The height will also need to be considered, will you be using them for a dining table or something a bit higher like a bar?

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