Rattan is not just used for patio furniture. It is now taking over as something trendy to make accents in the home's interior. This is how you can use rattan to help spice up your furniture, lighting and home decor.

Rattan is made from a vine-like palm plant. It is a natural material that can be used to construct baskets, furniture and other types of home decor. It is durable yet flexible enough to be bent or woven into many different shapes and patterns. While rattan is commonly known for being used for outdoor patio furniture because of its weather resistance, it is not limited to being used outside.

You can use rattan with furniture, lighting or tabletop decor. Rattan can bring some nice added texture to your room. Rattan can suit many styles, including coastal, boho, and traditional decor.

Rattan can also easily be painted to give it a more contemporary look. You have the option to use rattan to refresh your living spaces with a new look. Rattan can be woven into basically any type of furniture. This includes sofa, chairs, tables, folding screens and even more. It is lightweight and also a widely available material. It is usually less expensive compared to other types of furniture materials. This means it is an excellent choice for those who want to makeover a room on a budget. Rattan gives any space a casual and inviting feeling, making it great in spaces that you want to make more comfortable. You can add throw pillows or get a plush area rug for the floor to increase the coziness factor.

Rattan chairs and benches have unique textures and natural tones with almost any colour scheme. The light rattan makes it very easy if you want to rearrange your room. You can style an empty corner of your room with an attractive woven chair or place a rattan bench at the end of your bed to give it that final touch.

Rattan furniture pairs well with many different styles. It can bring some warmth and tone things down in the room to make it feel more casual. It can help make rooms that appear too cool to make them feel more easygoing. To help reinforce rattan's natural feel, you should also pair it with other natural plant materials like jute or wood.

You can also bring a bright and airy feeling to a room by installing rattan light fixtures. They make a great eye-catching focal point. You should choose large rattan pendants in unique sculptural shapes or pick one with an open weave pattern to help spread more light all over the room.

You can also get caned rattan furniture, which has an open multi-directional open-weave pattern. This is commonly used on chair backs. The technique used to create it has ancient roots, but it is still a widely popular style today and can give the furniture an airy look and feel.

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